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Now is the fun part! After cleaning closets, you are ready to receive the benefits of partnering with our stores. Check your account here and see the cash you are earning for your items in real-time. And, of course, whenever you have earnings, you can stop in both stores, anytime, and get paid or use your earnings toward the purchase of our thousands of items in store.

You will use your email address the first time you log in. There are a few steps to set up your account. Here is what to do (step by step). Don't worry, you will have some help as you go along and we are happy to assist you should you have questions.

  • Type your email address in both the login and the password field.
  • Choose "submit".
  • You will receive a message that says you must change the password your first time logging in to something personal to you.
  • Click "submit" again mid-page. By clicking "submit", again, an auto-generated email is sent to your in-box.
  • Open your email from us and click the link inside. Two "fill in" spaces will appear asking for your new password.
  • Type a new password in both fields.
  • Choose "submit" and you are in!

Please allow 24 hours (to 48 hours in our busiest seasons) from your drop off for your items to be fully processed for the sales floor (priced, steamed, and merchandised).

As always, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

Thank you for consigning!