Frequently Asked Questions

When should I bring in what I have?

Clothing sells best in the correct retail selling seasons. We provide cash offers for all seasons, but consign only in-season items. This guarantees your items will likely sell the fastest and for more money. Bringing items in at the start of the season yields the best results. Below is our schedule of when we accept items for each season.

  • February 1 - Spring
  • April 1 - Summer
  • August - Fall
  • October - Winter

When can I bring items?

Anytime without appointment Monday-Friday. (Excluding Saturdays)

How do I bring items?

Clothing: freshly laundered, wrinkle free and on-hangers please. For home decor/furniture: freshly cleaned, and dusted.

Is there are limit to how many items to consign? Or, a minimum?

Bring as few or as many items as you have. We preview your item while you wait. For larger groups, please allow a few more minutes.

What if I have off-season merchandise?

Don't worry, bring them to us to preview. We would love to pay you cash for your items.

Can your stores come to me?

Yes, we often do for estates, size changes, and moves. Please contact us for our current fees.

How do you determine pricing?

We use the industry standard for pricing (approximately 1/3 of the retail price for clothing/home decor & 1/4 to 1/3 in furniture) and our years of market experience. Our goals are the same: to get the most the market will bear for your piece(s), yet still sell your items within the 60 (to 90 for furniture) day consignment period.

What if I would like a certain amount for my piece?

We are happy to discuss whether your pricing expectations match our market when we preview your item(s).

Will the items I consign be subject to price reduction?

Yes, we do 1 price reduction near the end of your consignment period -- in every effort to sell your items. And, from time to time, and with discretion, we use sales and coupons to drive traffic in for your items.

How do I know that items have sold and what my earnings are?

Our on-line look up allows you to see sold items and your earnings at anytime. All earnings are available for pick up at either location or you can use your earnings towards merchandise. Let us know if you need a check mailed ($.80 off your earnings to covers the check & postage).

What happens if all of my items do not sell?

Most consignors like for us to donate their items to a worthy cause at expiration. Ask us if you would like us to print a tax deductible form and inventory list with pricing for your taxes. Or, you can let us know that you would rather pick up any unsold items when you drop off your items

What do I need to do if I would rather pick up any unsold items?

At drop off, when you let us know you would like to pick up, we give you the expiration date on a reminder card. It is up to you to call us (closer to time when you know your schedule) and let us know when you plan to retrieve your pieces. We pull your merchandise and prepare them for you the night before you come in. Please note: we want your items to have as much selling time as possible, so we do not pull them unless you call.

Please allow 24 hrs for pick up...we never know how busy our store will be.

After a small grace period, we need to make room for new merchandise, any abandoned items are donated to a worthy cause.