How to Make Easy Cash
Step 1

Bring In Your Clothes.

Bring in your new or like-new, freshly laundered, women's clothing (size 0 - 3X, on a hanger please) to Gild the Lily or Resale Republic. Don't forget your: accessories, jewelry, purses and shoes. Menswear is consigned at Resale Republic only. If you're not sure which of our locations is your best strategy, see our merchandise page for "Styles and Brands we Love", or call 616-863-8491, we'll help steer you in the right direction! We accept items without an appointment Monday-Friday.

Step 2

On-The-Spot Review.

We review your things while you wait. Keep in mind, we won't necessarily accept everything, but don't be offended, we're very good at picking out what will sell for us. For some seasonal items, we might ask you to bring them back later. Other things might benefit you more by donating to one of our wonderful local charities and taking a tax write-off.

Step 3

Show Me The Money.

We'll outline what is currently selling, and with your consignments, you will receive 40% when sold over a 60 day period. You can check your account on-line, and get paid anytime! Or, you're welcome to ask us for cash-on-the-spot, which is a great option for off-season merchandise. See our FAQ Page for our selling-season schedule. You are always welcome to pick up your earnings, or get credit toward purchases in either of our locations!

We base what we accept on shopper trends, as well as style, condition and brand. We are looking for clothing that will sell more quickly, usually 3 years old or newer, hot brand-names or designer labels (from the mall or better stores), and styles that sell well in our stores.

Do you have a volume of inventory? You might like our mobile consignor option, where we come to you. Perfect for estates and retail store inventory reductions. Ask for our current rates.