About Us

About Us

It doesn't have to be "new" to be perfect!

Celebrating the years.

We started as a mother/daughter duo in 2003 with a dream of helping others find the "value" of resale. Our vision for Gild the Lily was to create a place where women can celebrate or discover their style without spending a fortune. Women can be really hard on themselves...and frankly, women need other women to support and cheer each other on. Our customers have found our stores to be places where they can treat themselves when they're feeling good (or not so good) about their bodies, when they're bored by their wardrobes, or when they're just wanting to find something to make them feel alive for a night on the town. We appreciate that sizes change, interests change, homes and families change. Hey lives change, so why not celebrate the possibilities that come with change.

With support from what became our Gild the Lily team: employees, consigning partners, vendors, and shoppers throughout the years, we have grown. What was once a small upstairs space with a selective mix of new and like-new women's clothing, grew over two floors. In 2006, we opened the downstairs, featuring home decor and furniture in pleasing room arrangements. As we entered our 13th year of business, we opened our sister store, Resale Republic. Resale Republic provides our customers and consignors the ability to sell items in two locations, yet conveniently check earnings on-line in one place.

Our gratitude to customers supporting our mission day in and day out is immeasurable. Thank you for believing "It doesn't have to be "new" to be perfect!

Gild the Lily Team Resale Republic Team